Ears and tail(s) giveaway!!
Hey guys!
So I’m cleaning out my closet and I decided I never really wear this stuff anymore, so someone else should have it.

First up, on the right, is a Canadian Red Fox tail. It measures about 19 inches from top to tip of the tail.

On the left is another fox tail (don’t know the breed, sorry) and it measures about 17 inches from top to the tip of the tail.

Both tails have some type of attachment, so you can hook them on to things.

The ears are set on a headband that should fit most head sizes, and is made of faux fur.

There’s a few rules:
-You DON’T have to be following me to win
-I’ll ship to anywhere in the US
-One winner only, and you must be comfortable giving me your adress so I can ship the items to you!
-Reblogs or likes count
-Reblog as many times as you want, but please don’t spam your followers

Giveaway ends April 15th! Good luck!

I look so horrifyingly stupid with this god damned hair cut, it looks so bad, I fucking hate the hairdresser, she didn’t fucking listen to me when I said I wanted a trim and she shaved my motherfucking head

Literally nobody cares about me, they all care about everyone else, but not me, I already expressed that I need help, I already had a thousand panic attacks in public, they are not interested in me, that’s all I ever was is a freak show and an annoyance, I hate myself and want to get shot or something. Who the fuck would care. When you die people start to love you again, all of the sudden once you’re dead that’s when you were cool/talented/good looking ect. I want to die so I might mean something even just for a week. I am tired of everyone hating me. It is my own fault everyone hates me

Why do I even have this blog, nobody wanted the URL because honestly literally nobody cares, an I don’t really care, like why the fuck would anyone want to follow a blog for a stranger to endlessly talk about how shitty they feel. I am exactly like every other shitty teenager in the planet, I am shit and honestly I hate myself